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Client Testimonials

"Sea Bird Refrigeration is a professional, technical organization of the highest caliber. The employees of Sea Bird provide excellent customer service, always on time and on budget."

Mr. Mangal

"Our satisfaction with your product is our Number-One priority. Here's what a few of our clients have said about Our Products & service."

Mr. Sodhi

“The commitment and focus on meeting our expectations by Sea Bird Refrigeration Managers and Engineering were excellent."

Mr. Bablani

“Everyone who worked with Sea Bird refrigeration has commented on how good their products are in overall quality. Thanks again and look forward to working together next year.”

Mr. Mintoo

“Our entire experience with Sea Bird Refrigeration has been wonderful. Never have we been so privileged to work with such an outstanding group. These guys are the BEST."

Mr. Anoop

"I have been privileged to work with Sea Bird Refrigeration on several projects over the past few years. I know I can always depend on the personnel with Sea Bird to be on time and provide consistently excellent production services. I really can't say enough about the caliber of their work and wouldn't dream of using anyone else for my production."

Mr. Pramod Jain

"Company name has had the pleasure of working with Sea Bird Refrigeration. We feel they are not just a production company but a valuable part of our team because they believe in our cause as much as we do. The Sea Bird team understands our organization and they work hard to create a quality production."

Mr. Pradeep

"Sea Bird Refrigeration is one of the most professional companies we work with, in India. We have found the quality of their product, their customer service, and their well-rounded staff to be top-notch. We would not hesitate to recommend them, and we will continue to use their expertise in the future."

Mr. Daga

“On a professional level, how amazed I am at not just the speed of service but the quality and polite efficiency I have experienced in the short amount of time I have worked with Sea Bird. Once again I would like to say a “Thank you” for your work, not just for doing your job but for the extra input from your side which always makes a better production.”

Mr. Dias

“Sea Bird Refrigeration is great to work with. They know how to win your trust which is very important in Business.”

Mr. Sethia

"Sensitivity to the opportunities offered by current technology and the workflows they allow to be realized is what differentiates a savvy modern refrigeration industry from one stuck in ‘traditional’ and old-fashioned models."

"The benefits are not really about saving money, they are about increasing our efficiency so you are freed up to concentrate on what really differentiates your production."

"No one understands refrigeration industry’s workflows better than Sea Bird Refrigeration but they also understands working and the pressures and priorities of their clients. Their professional attitude is refreshing. Sea Bird has contributed significantly to the success, profitability, efficiency and quality of Refrigeration Industry.”

Mr. Shanti Bhai

Employee Testimonials

“In my short time with Interactive Intelligence, I have quickly realized that I have joined a well-structured team of professionals on the cutting edge of today’s technology. The business processes are not only progressive, but innovative. We offer a myriad of communication tools and technologies to help our clients meet and exceed their goals. It has been a pleasure working here."


"Sea Bird Refrigeration has been an amazing company which has given me a lot of growth opportunities. During my tenure with Sea Bird, I have got many chances to learn and excel."


"Today I stand tall with my vast experience and proudly say that I am part of the "Sea Bird Refrigeration" family."


"I have been a part of and been associated with many other sales teams in my career and I can honestly say this is the most professional and team oriented sales organization I have seen. We work extremely hard and there are very high expectations placed on us, but because we are all literally owners of this company we all recognize that we have to push ourselves to be successful every day and that everyone on the team must be expected to contribute. This philosophy that everyone must contribute not only makes us stronger as an organization, but it also allows team members to gain valuable experience and exposure which helps them advance their own careers here at Sea Bird."


"What I like in Sea Bird especially, is the interaction with people from different nations and cultures in a multidisciplinary environment. We work with production engineers, Business Units, marketing and external parties (e.g. customers and consultants) to define new product ideas and develop new solutions in our lab."

"This open minded environment makes work interesting and leads to a lot of respect towards everybody. Despite our daily project work, we still have freedom to put forward our ideas for growth of company."


Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.

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