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9 Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Purchasing a Refrigerator Compressors and How to fix them

Refrigerators have become a necessity in most modern homes. A compressor exerts pressure on the refrigerant vapor which moves to the coils outside the refrigerator. When the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the fridge it lowers it temperatures. Whenever you experience problems with the refrigerator it is probably because of a malfunction of the compressor. This malfunction may lead to release of toxic gases into your living space. Before purchasing a compressor here are some deadly mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Capacity- Not Checking the Evaporation Specifications
  2. The capacity of the compressor is differs depending on its size. There is large compressor like open compressor, medium like semi hermetic and small closed shell compressor. When purchasing your compressor ensure that it matches to the specifications of your compressor. Open compressors usually causes leakage problems.

  3. The refrigeration capacity  is also important. 1 ton of refrigeration is heat needed to melt one ton of ice. This converts to 288,000 BTU’s or 72,528 kcal based on a 24 hour period (hourly rate comes to 3,022 kcal/hr). Ensure that you plan to purchase a compressor that has enough capacity to work for 24 hours
  4. The volume of the compressor determines the pressure needed to push the refrigerant into the evaporator. Ensure that the compressor is able to handle the refrigerant coming from the evaporator.
  5. Choosing the Wrong Type of Compressor
  6. There are different types of refrigerators depending on price and technology used to make them. The type of compressor you choose should suit the needs of your refrigeration system. Here are some types of compressors

  7. Not Using the Right Refrigerant
  8. The refrigerant is the primary working fluid that is used in the compression cycle. The type of refrigerant is important because of safety in case of any leakage. Toxic and flammable fluid may cause damage. You should purchase a compressor that uses non-toxic and non-flammable refrigerant. You should also Inquire about the critical point and boiling point temperatures that suit the cooling device you are planning to install the compressor into Also consider the coefficient of performance of the refrigerant used in your compressor. High pressure gives high capacity whereas low pressure lowers its performance. A careful tradeoff of this should be put into account. The interaction between oil which is present in the refrigeration system and the refrigerant should be considered. Solubility and immiscibility are to be desired for effectiveness and safety. The different types of refrigerants (represented by R) are determines by chemical components of the molecules. These include: methane, ethane and propane series (x=0, x=1, x=2 respectively) R12, R114 and R290 Zeotropic and azeotropic mixtures i.e. R407A and R502 High organic compounds i.e. R600a Inorganic compounds i.e.R717 Unsaturated organic compounds i.e. R1150 They are usually designated by R followed by numbers and letters in some instances.

  9. Not Checking the Warranty
  10. Before purchasing any device you should check the warranty. Most items with longer warranty period are likely to be durable and trustworthy. Compressors may come in great prices that are hard to resist. When the bargain is good it is easy to neglect an important factor like warranty. Always ensure that a warranty is provided and that you signed it at the store. In case of any clarifications ensure you ask at the store.

  11. Not Checking if They Are Serviceable
  12. Compressors fail to work because of different problems. This could be caused by moving parts in the condenser, leakage of refrigerant among others. Problems can be detected by the noisy vibration of refrigeration system or too much heat. When this happens it is essential to assess the extent of the damage and determine if it is serviceable. Failing to determine the serviceability may accelerate the problem which may cause accidents. Ensure that you regularly employ the services of a technician and whenever you detect any changes

  13. Not Checking Spare Parts Cost and Availability
  14. They compressor system have parts that are replaceable. Before purchasing a compressor, make sure that the spare parts are available in most hardware stores. Consider the cost of these spare parts in order to do some cost-effectiveness of repairing as compared to replacing.

  15. Not Establishing the Lifespan of Compressors
  16. The range of a refrigerator’s lifespan is 13-19 years. Since the compressor is the main component of any refrigeration system, its failure mean the refrigerator is not working. This information is important in deciding whether to buy a new refrigerator or replace the compressor. After using a fridge for 13 years expect anything. Compare the cost and condition of the fridge to price of a compressor. If the refrigerator is in good working condition, simply replace the compressor.

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