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Blast Freezer

7 Horrible Mistakes You must avoid before purchasing Blast Freezers and how to fix them

So you are in the market for purchasing a blast freezer? Blast Freezers can make or cost you money. No one wants to lose money or profit because they bought the wrong equipment for the company. Here are seven mistakes to avoid before you even purchase your blast freezer.

  1. You did not think about what it is you want to achieve first

  2. Considered the packing and producing of your product

  3. Calculating the requirements you will need for freezing

  4. Not having the correct timescales

  5. Getting your freezer and you did not consider the space available or the position of your freezer

  6. Not having sufficient power supply for your freezer

  7. Not doing research on the freezer types and brands available to you

Now that we have mentioned mistakes you can make before you make your purchase, we can give you a guide line of things you will need to consider. You need to know that these freezers are not packaged as units that you can purchase off the shelf. You need to have your individual requirements so that the blast freezer can be tailor-made for you. That is why it is very important to carefully plan your needs and requirements to make sure your Blast Freezer is best tailor-made for you.
You get considerable numbers of designs of blast freezers, but mostly two main types are used, the batch freezer and the continuous freezer. In the batch freezer the product remains stationary, as to the continuous freezer where the product moves through the freezer during the freezing process.

You need to consider your output requirements. In order for you to meet these requirements, you need to start at the end of the process. Plan on how much food you want to despatch/store/serve each day that needs to go into the freezer. Once you have established this, you will have an idea of the size of the freezer you will need to purchase. This will also determine if a blast freezer is really the way to go.

Next you have to think of the process to follow for food production. You will now have to go back to the beginning of the process. How will your food be packed and how long will it take you to pack these foods? Think of your cooking methods of these foods and the time it will consume to cook them. What is the quantity of food you are going to produce in one day and will it meet your selling/serving requirements?
You will also have to calculate your freezing capacity. In order for you to calculate the correct capacity you will need to know the dimensions of your product/s. Will your trays/baskets be enough for all your products? The weight of your food will also need to be taken into consideration. Your products should not be too dense, so you will have to consider the containers used or the size of your products.

To get your timescales correct you need to ask yourself a few questions: how long freezing of each batch will take? Are there any cooked products ready and waiting to go back into the freezer to complete the previous cycle? Will there be any spare capacity in your blast freezer? Can you use the blast freezer for any other products? The blast freezers will complete the chilling process in a shorter period of time if your products are delicate, fried or if the blast freezer is not completely full. Positioning of your blast freezer is very important. Access dimensions like ceiling heights, steps and the width of your door will play a big role in placing your freezer in the correct position. Also consider your space available for preparing, packing and holding food prior to your blast freezer. A site survey will be necessary if you consider getting a Roll in Blast Chiller Room as they are supplied with a remote condensing unit. This survey is needed to establish a sufficient location in the room, installation and also the remote condensing unit.

Will you have sufficient power and power supply available? To operate a floor standing or counter top Blast Freezer, you will need a single phase electrical supply. This is necessary as these freezers mentioned operate from a single 220/230 volt. 3 Phase electrical supply will be needed for larger freezers. Power consumption will need to be taken into consideration for the time and length the unit will be in use.

Will everyone be operating the freezer? Yes, this is important to specify in order for you to get the correct freezer. You will need to think of getting equipment with easy to use display panels. Program the equipment to suit your product menu. You can also record the activity of your Blast Freezer so you will therefore need to consider your HACCP process and recording activity of the unit.
Give consideration to different brands available on the market as they all have a wide range of premium and secondary refrigeration. The reputation of the brand you want to buy plays an important role. You do not want to buy something from a company/supplier with a bad customer service reputation. The construction quality and features is also options you have to weigh up. You will need a supplier with good support and advise available at the time of your purchase. Buying something from someone that will influence your profit margin by giving you all the wrong advice or incorrect freezer is a no go. You need to choose a brand that will be on time with delivery, assist you with the required installation and give necessary training and commissioning support. After sales service and warranty terms are also very important before buying your Blast Freezer.

When all of the above has been taken into consideration and you have done your homework so that the freezer you are about to purchase meets all your requirements, you are on the right path of getting the perfect Blast Freezer for your company.

It is in your best interests to invest in a Blast Freezer for your company or for your own use. They are very reliable and cost effective in the long run. It all begins with a choice and I'm absolutely certain you will make the right one.

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