Oil Separators

R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R507, R410A, R508B, R717 (NH3) CO2

Sea-Bird is manufacturing oil separators in

  • Accessible (flange) Type &
  • Hermetic (Sealed) Type
    The advantages of the oil separator on the discharge line of a compressor in a refrigeration system are confirmed by many years of experience. The oil separator intercepts the oil mixed with compressed gas and returns it to the crankcase of the compressor thus assuring an efficient lubrication of its moving parts. Furthermore the oil separator maintains a high coefficient of condenser and evaporator Performance by almost completely removing oil deposits from their exchange surfaces & limit accumulates of oil at sensitive system components. When a very high temperature at the end of the compression stage leads to the formation of oil vapours, separator with capacity should be used. Moreover, the oil separator, damping the valves pulsations, reduces system noise with an open or semi hermetic compressor.

    Sizes from ½” ODS to 2 1/8” ODS available in accessible
    impingement and Hermetic impingement.